If you suffer from a venous disorder such as edema, phlebitis, or thrombosis, compression stockings may be able to help. These specialized stockings are made of an elastic material that compresses the limbs, exerting pressure to improve circulation. This elastic is stronger than normal dress or athletic socks. The significant force placed on legs, ankles, and feet with compression stockings allow arterial pressure to increase and blood to flow easier to the heart. People who benefit from compression stockings may have:


  1. Tired, aching legs
  2. Varicose veins
  3. Spider veins
  4. Leg discomfort associated with pregnancy
  5. Blood clots associated with long flights
  6. Edema
  1. Chronic peripheral venous insufficiency
  2. Deep vein thrombosis
  3. Lymphedema
  4. Phlebitis
  5. Lipodermatosclerosis