Bikramjeet Saini


Bikramjeet Saini, B.P.T. is a registered physiotherapist in Ontario who provides physiotherapy and medical acupuncture to our patients in Mississauga. He specializes in creating customized, personalized treatment plans to help individuals reach their unique goals.

Bikramjeet has extensive experience working with patients and clients who have experienced different types of injuries, including motor vehicle accident injuries, work-related injuries, and sports injuries, as well as various orthopaedic conditions.

As a registered physiotherapist, Bikramjeet Saini, B.P.T. has an extensive working knowledge of the biomechanical function and process of aches and pains. He utilizes this knowledge to get to the root of each patient’s individual issues, from aches and pains to injury recovery and prevention. As a result, he provides personalized, targeted treatment plans that include a range of therapeutic modalities and hands-on manual techniques to help restore joint, soft tissue, and neural mobility and function.

Bikramjeet’s treatment plans address both injury recovery and prevention. It’s important to him to understand the underlying cause of pain in order to maintain the muscle and prevent the injury from happening again.