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Our clinic is conveniently located at the northeast corner of Derry Road and McLaughlin, in the same building as a number of family doctors and a pharmacy. This all-in-one location makes it easy for you to get all of the assistance and resources you need in one visit, so you don’t have to spend any more time rushing around in pain.

If you have insurance through your employer or work, we are happy to check your coverage for you. We will take care of the administrative aspects of your insurance claim so you can focus on healing yourself, and we’ll work out options with you in the event that you are not covered.

  • Active Release Technique
  • Graston Technique
  • Chiropractic
  • Acupuncture
  • Physiotherapy
  • Massage Therapy
  • Kinesio Taping
  • And more!

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Walk-ins Are Always Welcome

You can set up an appointment ahead of time for any of our physiotherapy, chiropractic, and massage treatments. However, we know life can get busy, and when your mobility is at stake, you need help fast. You can’t always predict when pain will occur or when you’ll need a treatment. For that reason, we offer, and warmly welcome, walk-in appointments.

When you come for a walk-in appointment, if we have the space when you arrive, we will accommodate you right away. If not, we’ll get you booked in on the first available appointment so you can get the help you need quickly. We understand the pain and frustration you’re going through, so we’ll do our best to make sure you receive treatment as soon as possible.

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Our Patients See Results

I had a severe upper back pain and I went to Dr. Jamie he started my chiro sessions. After the first session itself I started to feel so much better. Thank you Dr. Jamie and his team.
Aman Kohli
Aman Kohli
16:50 30 Jun 21
awesome experience. feeling better after physio. very helpful and perfection. Specially thanks to Jamie.
Harshad Dholakiya
Harshad Dholakiya
16:56 18 Jun 21
I attend Derry Village for chriopractor visits weeklyWhen I started about 3 months ago I could barely walk let alone run Expecting to have knee surgery on my knee again - I visited Jamie 2 times a week for acupuncture therapy and stretching out of my right knee. 3 months later I am running again. Currently up to 2.5 km per run and hiking every weekend. Pain free. I wish I could put in to words how great an experience getting therapy on my leg has beenIf you’re having pain in any way and having doubts Don’t - go directly to Jamie. In no time you’ll be feeling as great as me It’s legit the best decision I’ve made about my knees. Just do it. You’ll feel better. I promiseSincerelyJoe Ashton
Joe Ashton
Joe Ashton
21:04 12 Jun 21
Definitely recommend visiting this Clinic! I’ve been going for the last few weeks and Dr. Jamie has not only helped with my head aches but my existing lower back pain. His communication is superb, and answers all questions you may have.
Rycka Capistrano
Rycka Capistrano
04:38 22 Mar 21
Great Service and Excellent Work. Jamie has helped my family and I with many issues including, my neck and lower back pain issues. Would recommend going here for any of your Physiotherapy and or Chiropractor needs.
I hurt my back at work so bad that I couldn't sit longer then 5min.Dr.Jamie was great,very knowledgeable and after 5-6 treatments my back is perfectly fine.Also was so helpful about all my paperwork.The front desk of Dr. Jamie is also very polite,nice and helpful. I'll recommend who ever has any type of injury to go and see Dr. Jamie Devassy.
Marija Habus
Marija Habus
00:02 07 Feb 21
I was suffering from intense tailbone pain from a bike injury and sitting too much with WFH life. After a few sessions with Dr Jamie, my back is completely back to 100%! He is very knowledgeable, thorough and kind. Highly recommend!
Jennifer Chan
Jennifer Chan
22:21 18 Dec 20
My wife gave birth and she started having a crazy backache. We consulted Jamie and he did an incredible job on her back. She is now pain free and we're so thankful to have worked with Dr Jamie. He is so professional and words cannot describe how kind he is. I have no doubts to say that there's no many like him. I highly recommend him. Thank you Jamie for being there for others
Mr Yann Rk
Mr Yann Rk
15:45 02 Nov 20
Me and my family have been under Dr. Jamie’s treatment for many years. My dizziness and nerve problem was thoroughly fixed. He is knowledgeable, patient and professional. He diagnoses the issue and fixes it very well, he is a wonderful chiropractor who knows what technique to use to fix the issue, very highly recommended.
Shahnaz Fatima Abidi
Shahnaz Fatima Abidi
23:34 26 Oct 20
Wonderful experience with Dr. Jamie and his staff. Holistic approach has made huge improvements to my nagging neck and back issues. Goes well beyond the traditional chiropractic techniques to include a variety of advanced techniques... a truly holistic approach with great results. Very highly recommended.
Mike Santos
Mike Santos
16:23 11 Sep 20


If you make an appointment or walk in, we will find the time to help you. Get in touch today!

OR CALL: (905) 670-9188

Chronic pain in neck and lower back


Frequently Asked Questions

Here we would like to discuss some of the frequently asked questions that we get to our clinic about our services.

There is no set time as to when you’ll start to feel better that can be applied to everyone. Each patient that comes in has different needs and conditions, and some patients heal more quickly than others. Healing depends on many different factors such as age, type of injury, diet, overall health, how your body responds to treatment, how long you’ve had the injury, the body’s healing time, and ultimately how committed you are to treatment. Once you meet with us we can provide you with a better, customized estimation of how many treatments you need and how long it will take.

We recommend that all patients come to their appointment wearing loose, comfortable clothing. You should also wear clothing that allows us to easily access the area of focus. For example, if you are arriving for treatment for a shoulder injury, wear a tank top. If you are treating a knee problem, wear shorts. Please avoid wearing skirts, dresses, or very tight pants.

This will depend on the insurance company you are insured with. If they allow for direct billing, we can take care of this for you. However, if they do not allow it, you will have to submit the insurance claim yourself.

During your first visit, we will begin by asking you questions about your health and your injuries or problem areas. After that, we’ll do an examination to figure out exactly what is wrong and what structures are affected within the body. At that point, we will discuss a treatment plan to correct the problem. Finally, we will do our first treatment.

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